Honda TRX500FM2
***** 2018 Honda TRX500FM2 *****

: Model in pictures has aftermarket Ventura bull bars which protect the bike plastics from low speed impacts

The TRX500FM2 is the middle option from Honda, compared to the standard version this gains power steering and also has optional EPS manual shifting -press button rather than using your foot. However it still has the solid axle rear suspension (The top model, FM6 gets an independent rear suspension).

The lower spec FM1 is $1500 cheaper but loses power steer, the higher spec FM6 is $600 more and gains the independent rear suspension.

TRX 500 FM2 FM 2 500FM 500FM2 TRX500 TRX500F TRX500FM TRX500FM2
Price $18,450
Make: Honda
Model: TRX500FM2
Year: 2018
Type: Quad
CC: 500
Stock #: TRX500FM2 18
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