Apr 11, 2018: Competitions ongoing!

The coloring competition and insulator guess are both ongoing.

Want to win a big jar of lollies? Your kids can have a go at the coloring competition.

Want to win a quadbike top box, solar powered fencer, and a large number of insulators? Guess how many are in the quad box and if you are close enough you could win!

Coloring competition drawn 27/4/18, Insulator guessing drawn on 28/4/18. For more details or to enter just ask instore.

Mar 23, 2018: Getting your quad ready for winter

The weather is only getting wetter and winter is not far away, your tires are about to become extremely important for not getting stuck in the mud. Check pressures regularly to reduce wear and increase grip. If you are running low on tread give us a call and we can recommend some meaty replacements!

Feb 23, 2018: Win $500! Honda Riding Tips

Honda is still producing riding tips, just take a picture or short video of yourself having a go and you could win $500 dollars to spend instore!


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