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Honda SXS700
#13993 ***** 2014 Honda SXS700M2E Pioneer ***** : Comes with roof, windscreen and windscreen wiper to protect from the elements during winter : Has front nudge bar installed : Runs well considering it's age, additionally it has been given a thorough inspection by our workshop to make sure that...
Price: $11,995
Category: Quad
Added: Oct 2, 2019
Honda TRX420FMC
#14020 ***** 2012 Honda TRX420FMC ***** : With low kms this is a tidy bike fitted with new tyres all round and fresh service : Call us today and secure this late model fuel injected 2 or 4WD Quad as it will sell fast at this price : This is a popular medium sized quad and ideal for farm -...
Price: $5,495
Category: Quad
Added: Sep 30, 2019
Honda SXS700
#13980 ***** 2015 Honda SXS700M4F Pioneer ***** : This 4 Seater Pioneer 700cc automatic comes fitted with Half roof and half windscreen installed to protect against the elements. : 2 seats in the front, 2 seats in the bed that can be folded flat when not in use to make a tough rear bed Tags:...
Price: $14,995
Category: Quad
Added: Sep 23, 2019
Honda SXS700
#14001 ***** 2016 Honda SXS700M2J Pioneer ***** : This bike has been serviced since new with us, on time every time it was needed. : Just been through our workshop, has had a good look through, a service and new tyres. This bike is ready to perform on your farm. : Roof and half screen...
Price: $12,995
Category: Quad
Added: Sep 17, 2019
Honda TRX500FM1
#13988 ***** 2014 Honda TRX500FM1E ***** : A Flag ship model workhorse 500 Manual transmission with 4WD Lock diff and solid rear axle in Tidy Straight order. : Comes from 1 of our local sheep & beef farms here in the mighty Wairarapa - Sold new by us and serviced here also : Just been through...
Price: $7,995
Category: Quad
Added: Sep 12, 2019
Honda TRX500FA
#13949 ***** 2007 Honda TRX500FA7 ***** : A straight honest bike, runs absolutely mint, condition really doesn't hint at it's age. We highly recommend coming instore and listening to it run - seeing (or hearing) is believing! : Great value for money. Would be an awesome bike for the beach or...
Price: $5,995
Category: Quad
Added: Aug 23, 2019
Honda TRX500FPAD
#13984 ***** 2013 Honda TRX500FPAD ***** : Hard to find this powersteer/hydrostatic model in such good condition and such low KMs : Just had a big service in our workshop, runs mint. Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 F FP FPA FPAD 500F 500FP 500FPA 500FPAD TRX500F TRX500FP TRX500FPA TRX500FPAD quad...
Price: $7,695
Category: Quad
Added: Aug 12, 2019
Honda TRX500FPA
#13930 ***** 2009 Honda TRX500FPA ***** : A good condition reliable bike : Automatic with low range gearbox for the toughest jobs : American import version - Mechanically the same as the NZ model with extra built in compass on the dash Update 1/8/19 - Redone photos of the bike to reflect that...
Price: $6,995
Category: Quad
Added: Jun 20, 2019
Honda TRX500FM2
#13928 ***** 2014 Honda TRX500FM2E ***** : A good condition bike that has just been through our workshop for an engine rebuild. : FM2 -> Four wheel drive, Manual, Power steering. Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 500FM 500FM2 500FM2E TRX500F TRX500FM TRX500FM2 FM2E FM2 FM quad quadbike atv Honda 4wd 4x4
Price: $8,490
Category: Quad
Added: Jun 14, 2019
Honda TRX500FE2
#13882 ***** 2014 Honda TRX500FE2 ***** : A great workhorse on the farm and handy Electric shift on the handle bar : Fixed rear axel for low maintenance and reliability This is low kms and a very tidy one owner operator bike. Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 F FM FM6 FM6F 500F 500FM 500FM6 500FM6F...
Price: $10,990
Category: Quad
Added: Apr 3, 2019
Honda TRX500FM6
#13818 ***** 2015 Honda TRX500FM6F ***** : Re-Covered seat : Good condition : Runs well Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 FM FM6 F M 6 FM6F 500F 500FM 500FM6 500FM6F TRX500F TRX500FM TRX500FM6 Quad quadbike atv
Price: $10,495
Category: Quad
Added: Feb 25, 2019
Honda TRX500FM6
#13791 ***** 2016 Honda TRX500FM6G ***** : Has Bull bars installed to protect the plastics : Hardy and reliable, this bike is a great workhorse on the farm Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 500F 500FM 500FM6 500FM6G F FM FM6 FM6G TRX500F TRX500FM TRX500FM6
Price: $10,995
Category: Quad
Added: Jan 10, 2019
Honda TRX500FA6
#13608 ***** 2015 Honda TRX500FA6F ***** : Great condition for its age. : 4wd or 2wd, auto or push button shift - change how you drive on the fly to suit whatever the job is. Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 F FA FA6 FA6F 500F 500FA 500FA6 500FA6F TRX500F TRX500FA TRX500FA6 Honda atv quad
Price: $12,990
Category: Quad
Added: Dec 19, 2018
Honda TRX500FPA
#13703 ***** 2013 Honda TRX500FPAD ***** : Automatic or push-button, 4wd or 2wd - Choose how you want to ride : Automatic gearbox with low range box for the hardest jobs : Bull bars installed with a holder for a waddy Tags: TRX 500 TRX500 500F 500FP 500FPA 500FPAD F FP FPA FPAD TRX500F...
Price: $7,990
Category: Quad
Added: Dec 5, 2018
Honda SXS700
#13334 ***** 2015 Honda SXS700 2P Pioneer ***** : Very tidy late model 700cc 2 seater Pioneer from a dry stock farm with good. : Sold new and serviced by us so full service history on file with us. : New front tyres, has had a full serviced in our workshop SXS 700 Pioneer sxs SXS700...
Price: $14,990
Category: Quad
Added: Aug 31, 2018