Honda CRF1100
# GL 52260

2020 CRF1100 Africa Twin DCT Special Edition Adventure Sport

This was the shop owners bike so well taken care of, and it is the top spec Special Edition Adventure sport model.

: Special Edition Features are below (Non-Special Edition Adventure sport models do not have)

: Adjustable windscreen

: Bigger fuel tank

: Tubeless tires

: Aluminum rear carrier***

: SHOWA EERA electronic suspension - The EERA (Electrically Equipped Ride Adjustment) adopted in the CRF1100L The Africa Twin Adventure Sport ES instantly optimizes the damping force according to the suspension stroke speed and the vehicle's running condition while riding.
The suspension mode can be changed with the flick of a switch to suit various riding situations, from everyday riding to tandem touring and off-road.
Price $26,995
Make: Honda
Model: CRF1100
Year: 2020
Type: Dual Purpose
CC: 1100
Stock #: GLs Used Africa
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