Honda SXS1000
***** 2021 Honda SXS1000-M3P *****

: Looking at the thousand? You're in the big leagues now. 450kg in the bed, a ton towed behind. A 1000cc fuel-injected inline twin drives an automatic gearbox with low range. It also has locking diff 4WD for the toughest spots - this gets the job done no matter what the conditions.

: Fully-independent front and rear suspension with some of the longest travel of any multi-purpose side-by-side.

: Power steer makes it easy to turn when moving slowly, and paddle shifters let you override the automatic gearbox at any time, or you can even disable the automatic completely and use it as a paddle-shift manual.

: The rear bed has a hydraulic assist on it, so it's easy to tip even when it's full.

: That roll cage isn't just for looks, it's tough. Really tough. It fully meets OSHA's rollover protection standard, the hard doors and roll-up side nets help keep things out, and the auto-style three-point seatbelts are equipped with an emergency locking retractor mechanism.

: The diffs can lock or unlock, and the vehicle can be 4wd or 2wd. This allows you to choose - turf mode to not rip up the grass, 4wd diff lock to get you in and out of the toughest spots, standard 2wd, and standard 4wd.

: UDC Finance available
Price $30,469
Make: Honda
Model: SXS1000
Year: 2021
Type: Quad
CC: 1000
Stock #: 2021 SXS1000
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