Honda CRF230F
***** 2019 Honda CRF 230 F *****

: Electric start

: Tough enough for work, light and fast enough to still be fun at the end of the day

: Extremely Rugged and Dependable

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Remember back in the good old days, when bikes were light, simple, affordable, and most of all fun? Honda made some of the best bikes ever, machines that put a whole generation of riders on two wheels, and kept them there their whole lives. Well, guess what? Honda still makes bikes like that, and our CRF230F is a perfect example. Just hop on, push the electric starter, and have a blast. Because its a Honda four-stroke, you don't have to worry about excessive maintenance. With its overall size, sturdy frame and lightweight components, the CRF230F is just the right size for adults or larger teens who cant wait to take on the twists and turns of the trail.
So for anyone who remembers the good old days, here's a news flash: With a bike like the Honda CRF230F, today is even better than the old days ever were.

CRF 230 CRF230 230F F CRF230F Honda 2019 2018 2017 XR
Price $8,190
Make: Honda
Model: CRF230F
Year: 2019
Type: Off Road
CC: 230
Stock #: CRF230F 18
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